Jan 11, 2019 Dear Carolyn: No one in my family, including myself, wants to spend time with my mom. She can be really toxic. She has hurt me all my life, and.... /srs - guys please please please help me, i just logged into tumblr on my computer (like always) cause it has a guest mode where my moms software that alerts.... There were times when I had to go search for my mother because I didn't know where she was, James says. I felt responsible for my mom. Once I made that.... May 27, 2017 I left home after my dad left my mom for a woman closer in age to me than ... I cut him out of my life because he is emotionally abusive and toxic.. Nov 17, 2017 Ask yourself, Is there any course of action I can take that will allow me to maintain some kind of relationship with my parent and still keep my well-.... "I also have a mom who is essentially miserable, but can show her nice side when it suits her. ... Here is what has helped me have compassion for my mother:.. When family is toxic, whether a toxic parent or sibling, the path to happiness ... Without this toxic family member, my life is more joyful now without this toxic ... My life is so much better now that I broke the contact with my mom, sister and brother.. Jan 21, 2020 Think about your most recent interaction with your mom: Did she make you feel bad about yourself and then somehow play the victim? Did she.... She is a codependent woman who seeks out attention from the wrong men. All the time. The latest is a narcissistic, toxic, jerk. We are 100% NC with him. My mom.... May 24, 2019 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search.... Dec 29, 2017 Dear Ann Cannon My mom constantly says mean things to me and puts me down. I've made mistakes, but she keeps bringing up those... 538a28228e










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